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Fan Ye cursed hearts seize Cabernet filled beads, turned and ran. Haha ...... The thirties fat priests ear is very sensitive, has been flying out of hundred meters, but still hear the whispers Fan Ye, back to reveal a mouth white teeth, smile on, said: to meet again next time , said Lord will bring you good luck. Violet light pierced the sky away. Fat priests look of compassion, looks very simple and honest, and read a cry immeasurable revere, to make a world outside expert look. To see him look like a stickreplicas de ray ban of God, Fan Ye take full black line forehead, said: Since you are so self-discipline, put my stuff back to me! Fan Ye lifted his foot to, wanted to kick his legs against his Buttocks, but added taking into account both the strength of the gap, he was eventually forced back the anger, to the side, directed away empty shouted: psychic weapons ...... Fan Ye whispered curses directed at the sky firmly shook his fist, rayban usa hand psychic weapons actually this was taken away, it made him unwilling. Ha ha ha ...... Are you a god ...... Fat priests reaction speed with his body very inconsistent, whizzed rushed out, Purple pull that not fly out one hundred meters away, it was a groan of his hands, and then fall down grin, and said: God ah, heaven so. Fat priests face happy smile, audacity, a stick of God looks like, and said: It is because you and I first met and forged a gooddesigner sunglasses for cheap fortune, so only the second reunion, led me to surrender came Fengyun The demons of the beads, to help you escape a bad luck too, this is what you forged the good karma that bear fruit ah. Rip away empty, a Daisy rushing, such as streamer in general, not into his fast in front of the rock. Fan Ye hate teeth itch all, and said: a head, you do not mean to meet again, would bring me good luck, I'm going to really thank you, how they grab my stuprada sport sunglasses ff, you've got a dagger, put This bead back to me. Dead man I remember you! Sure enough, with a small friendly Pindao destined, not so soon meet again. All lit up around the monks, controlling god rainbow, rushed in all directions, blocking those rays. Unscrupulous dead fat, black walk my two baby, or I have a collection of three. Demon emperor graves, indeed, to escape a lot of psychic weapons glow radiance, rushed in all directions, many monks manage rainbow of God, constantly tcarrera aviator sunglasses o catch up, this piece of the original over the ruins everywhere light. Fan Ye fingertips overflow wisp gold, the rock cut out immediately with little circulation glaucoma, exposing half shank, grab his hand, hard pull, suddenly qingxia everywhere, let him squint from his eyes.


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